It can be said that Calbee Fruit Granola is one of the best cereal series being sold in Vietnam. It includes more fruits than any other cereal in Vietnam This has made Calbee different from a range of other cereal in the market

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Calbee Fruit Granola has so many natural ingredients, which are beneficial for the health of the user, from children to the elderly. And of course, Calbee Fruit Granola will bring unexpected benefits, surpassing the benefits that ordinary cereals bring.

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Calbee Fruit Granola not only possesses superior nutritions, but it is also very easy to make a meal. Just 3 minutes and you will have a meal with Calbee ….

Calbee Fruit Granola – No.01 cereal in Japan 

Calbee Fruit Granola is the most famous cereal in Japan thanks to the nutrient in the product. Calbee Fruit Granola includes in dried fruits: papaya, grape, apple, strawberry, coconut, mix with oats, rye, rice seeds, corn, pumpkin seeds, almonds, wheat, brown rice. This combination has created food which has a rich source of minerals and vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin B12, vitamin D. Calbee is the best cereal with the highest levels of nutritions, vitamins and minerals but the lowest in fat.