Calbee Fruit Granola 482g – Exclusive product

Official and proprietary product

Net Weight – 482 gram

198.000 178.200

Official and proprietary product

Ingredients in Calbee Fruit Granola includes:

  • Dried fruits: papaya, grape, apple, strawberry, coconut
  • Oats, rye, rice seeds, corn, pumpkin seeds, almonds, wheat, brown rice, brown rice
  • Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin B12, vitamin D
  • Salts, glycerin, modified starches, iron citrate Na, emulsifiers (including milk), sugar, vegetable oil, wheat flour, dextrin, water soluble fiber (indigestible dextrin), acidulant antioxidant (vitamin E, rosemary extract), niacin, pantothenic acid Ca.

Calbee Fruit Granola is:

  • Great solution for your busy mornings.
  • A delicious and nutritious breakfast for baby
  • Delicious food of the elder, not only charming but also simple processing.
  • With the extremely simple process, we make sure that you just only take 3 minutes to have a delicious breakfast with Calbee Fruit Granola.
  • Not just processed extremely fast, Calbee but also provides you nessessity nutrientions for a dynamic morning. Just one cup of Calbee in the morning and your body will be strong and energetic.

By our reputation, we guarantee that Calbee Fruit Granola currently distributed is completely 100% imported from Japan

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